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Our Philosophy


Nail Envy Salon strives to provide you with safe, sanitary nail care, relaxed spa treatments in a comfortable and serene atmosphere. Sanitized implements, disposable files, continuing education and personalized customer service are the cornerstones of Nail Envy Salon.  Feel confident that you are in good hands when you come to us!


Choosing A Nail Salon....


There have been many stories in the news about the dangers of nail care. Nail Care doesn't have to be dangerous as long as you are proactive in choosing a safe, sanitary salon. Consider the guidelines below when choosing a nail salon:


  • the salon should look clean. there should be no nail clippings, dust, hair or debris on the floor or work stations.


  • every tech should have a current license posted at their station. the salon should have a current license posted in the waiting area.


  • a thorough client consultation should be performed before any service, including health questions. The tech should ALWAYS ask you if you are a diabetic...


  • are they using new or disposable files and sanding bands on each client? these are items that should never be re-used on more than one client. 


  • products should be in clean, labeled containers.


  • the tech should be able to tell you each and every step they take to disinfect their implements. Implements should be stored in clean, clear disinfectant solution.  They should be able to demonstrate how they clean and disinfect the pedicure tub/spa. 
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